Employment law is constantly changing and evolving. There are a number of laws that have come into force fairly recently, which intend to protect employees’ from harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, leave rights (including parental and emergency leave), and protection against reprisal for enforcing any of the above noted rights.

There is always a “reason” for termination. Although these may initially seem innocent (i.e. a “restructure”) further investigation often reveals conduct that is in breach of certain protections that an employee is entitled to by law. Employees are often unaware of their legal rights, misunderstand those rights, or tend to focus solely on their potential claim for Wrongful Dismissal. It is important to fully investigate the true reason(s) for termination to determine whether additional claims exist - sometimes these can be worth much more than the actual Wrongful Dismissal itself.

The law has evolved in a way that has provided employees with a growing number of legal protections. Yet, without the knowledge and advice of experienced legal counsel, many employees give up those rights without ever having known that they could have been entitled to additional compensation. It is important to meet with experienced employment counsel to seek an opinion as to the nature of your legal claims and their potential value. You should NEVER execute a Release until you have had a chance to review your case with a lawyer.

At Marvin A. Gorodensky Professional Corporation, we deal with all aspects of employment law disputes and can help you realize the full monetary potential of your claims.